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From September 26th till October 23d I will be a Writer in residence at Writers Omi at Ledig House in 2014 - so happy and honored to be chosen!

"Every Day, Every Hour", New York Times Book Review!


"Every Day, Every Hour" in the Bookclub Selection July 2012!

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USA releasing date: May 24th 2012

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...and here is what the translator Liesl Schillinger says about her work on the novel: "Reading it in German, I cried many times—the tears that come when you read or watch “The English Patient,” or “Romeo and Juliet,” or any book, play or opera about star-crossed love. Set in a Croatian seaside village and in Paris, and spanning several decades, it told the poignant and passionate tale of two creative people̶a strong-willed woman and a weak-willed man—who loved each other but couldn’t make it work. I wholeheartedly endorsed the book, and agreed to translate it. (...) I hope that my translation makes Nataša Dragnić’s characters live and breathe for the English-speaking audience; and that first-time readers feel as strong a connection with Luka and Dora in English as I did when I was introduced to them a year and half ago, auf Deutsch."

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So I've been in Ghent, enjoyed my 4-weeks-residency in Ledig House - and wrote a whole novel! My jazz-novel I call it...What an excitement! And of course there was the reading and it was fabulous:

I will have my first reading in the US on Saturday, October 18th at OMI Visitor Center, Ghent NY - do come all!

I always wanted to be an actress, author or teacher. And I got lucky: I became all of them!

I was born in 1965 in Split, Croatia. I could see the sea from the window of my childhood bedroom. When I was eighteen I moved away for the first time to pursue a degree in German and Romance studies in Zagreb. In 1995 I earned a master’s degree in literature. I also completed a degree in diplomacy in Zagreb and Berlin but soon realised that diplomacy isn’t for me: Too much politics. So back to the sea!

Only to leave again in 1994 and move to Germany, to Erlangen, where I continue to work as a freelance foreign language instructor: I teach German as a foreign language, French, English and Croatian. In addition, I also speak Spanish. What can I say, I love languages. 

As a young girl I would lock myself in the bathroom, without a view of the sea, and practice making faces in the mirror, acting out different emotions, practicing gestures, words, even entire dialogues. During my studies, I finally dared to go out onto a real stage in front of a living audience, and ever since, I can’t get enough of it.

When I was six I wrote my first poem. It was about an apple which remained hanging on a tree unpicked until it shrivelled and fell. Four verses. Four decades later, in 2011, my first novel “Jeden Tag, jede Stunde” (“Every Day, Every Hour”) is being published by the German publisher DVA. And as if that weren’t enough, the book was sold in more then 20 countries even before its publication. I feel overwhelmed with the good fortune that the hundreds upon hundreds of pages that I wrote have paid off. I am glad to pass along my love of reading and writing in various workshops and lectures.

Thank you for your interest in me and my work.

Nataša Dragnić

Feel free to contact me at hallo@natasa-dragnic.de

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"A lush, flowing, elegant novel, Every Day, Every Hour shows a world where love is stronger than will."  Simon Van Booy, author of "The Secret Lives of People in Love"


"(...) This story is appealingly romantic, unfolding from the alternating viewpoints of two protagonists, who generate palpable sparks. And the book begins intriguingly with Chapter 40 then proceeds to Chapter 1, making us wonder how things turned out so wrong. The main disappointment is how unlikable and unsympathetic Luka becomes; he lets life happen to him without taking any initiative yet blames those around him. Why Dora continues to love him for decades is ultimately a mystery. VERDICT Recommended for those drawn to stories of love denied, such as Ian McEwan's- Atonement, Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient, Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day, and Paolo Giordano's The Solitude of Prime Numbers. (...)"  Review by Library Journal Review


"And a Croatian author’s American debut finds the path to love paved with flowing skirts and Mozartkugeln: Natasa Dragnic’s Every Day, Every Hour (Viking), translated by Liesl Schillinger, captures the frustrated passions of a budding artist and actress on the Adriatic coast, rekindled sixteen years later—where else?—on the streets of Paris."   Megan O'Grady in vogue


"Natasa Dragnic writes so tenderly, so achingly...it just left me breathless."   RJ Julia, Independent Bookseller, Staff Suggestions


"Viking, an imprint of the Penguin Group, has long been one of the prominent publishers of fiction and they maintain their reputation with three novels, one of which is the debut of Natasa Dragnic, Every Day, Every Hour ($25.95) as translated by Liesl Schillinger. In a small Croatian coastal city in the early 1960s, five-year-old Luka, smitten by new classmate Dora, faints in excitement and is awakened by her kiss. The two become inseparable until Dora and her parents move to Paris. Then, both in their twenties, Luka and Dora meet again in Paris where Luka has an exhibition of his paintings and they fall in love. This is a classic romance filled with intense emotion."   Alan Caruba in Bookviews June 2012


"It's the perfect escape with a lyrical voice."  Coastal Living, Our Favorite Beach Readings 1012


"It is always a pleasure to read a novelist well grounded in the classics. The coastal setting of Croatia has a suggestion of Greek drama about it. Indeed the opening pages read like the dialogue of a play. There are intimations of French tragi-dramas here, a flavour of Racine and Shakespeare too, who both drew their inspiration from the deities of ancient Greece and Rome. (...) This version of the ageless human condition is set in modern times but has lost none of the depth and intensity of feeling. Dragnic’s prose is energetic and sparkling and carries you swiftly through a roller-coaster of emotions. A satisfying read for the summer holidays.Victoria Cooper in Red.online.co.uk


"...in this unforgettable debut." Fabulous Fiction, Summer Reading 2012


"This is an unusual book, both in its style and its looping story that sees the same characters rehashing the same situations again and again, but I found it charming and quirky. The story is undoubtedly a tragic one, with the couple only coming out of it a smidge better off than Romeo and Juliet. You can lose yourself in the action quite easily, but I never shook off the feeling that I was an observer rather than part of the story. Luka and Dora need no one else, that is quite clear, and the narration distances itself from the couple, keeping everything and everyone at arm’s length. I think this book would make a great film, but if Hollywood took it on, it would no doubt lose a little something in the process. The story is magical and unique, and needs no air brushing to perfect it or bring it alive."  thebookbag


"A Euro-bestseller, this breathless romance is the latest contender for the title of the new One Day. (...) Natasa Dragnic’s tumbling prose has a delightful immediacy and freshness (...)"  Daily Mail, UK


"Beautifully descriptive, the reader will long to step into Luka and Dora’s world, whether to wander around the Croatian seaside town, or the streets of Paris. (...) Every Day, Every Hour will touch a nerve with any who has been in Luka or Dora’s shoes, and long for someone they cannot have."   The Northern Echo


"...this book is amazing. (...) This book completely swallowed me up in the world of Dora and Luka and their infinite love for each other. I’d really recommend you to read it, especially now that the summer is coming. It’s great to read Every Day, Every Hour while you’re enjoying the sun and you hear the waves crash against the shore, it makes everything even more real."    Fishing for Books

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The Viking Book came today: I am overwhelmed! (April, 25th)

...and two days later: the UK Edition (Chatto & Windus) of my novel! How much happiness can an autor endure?

...and a month later there it is, the Canadian edition (Bond Sreet Books, Doubleday): I cannot stop smiling!