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    Every Day, Every Hour


    Dora and Luka are inseparable: ever since he fainted at the sight of her – walking into the classroom with her new schoolbag – and she woke him with a chaste kiss, it has been love at first sight. ‘There’s something in the air when the two of them are together. You can’t call it calm, you can’t call it storm.’ Theirs is a friendship made of chocolate and mandarin oranges; of shape-shifting clouds and coloured canvases; and, as Dora’s family leave Croatia for Paris, of farewells and memories.

    It is not until years later, when a promising artist faints at the familiar sight of a young actress entering a Parisian gallery on his opening night, that Luka and Dora are reunited. But just as chance brings them together, fateful choices and forces bigger than themselves conspire to keep the couple apart. Will they ever truly be able to find or forget one another?

    Bursting with drama and ardour, at turns heartbreaking and exhilarating, and told with the same overwhelming intensity as the bond it describes, this is a dazzling tour de force of a very special love affair.


    A lush, flowing, elegant novel, Every Day, Every Hour shows a world where love is stronger than will
    Simon Van Booy, author of ‘The Secret Lives of People in Love’

    Croatian-born Nataša Dragnic’s debut novel, Every Day, Every Hour, beautifully translated from the German by Liesl Schillinger, takes its name from lines of the Pablo Neruda poem ‘If You Forget Me’. It’s a fitting title for this passionate, decades-spanning tale of star-crossed lovers
    Vanity Fair

    A romantic and thrilling love story that recounts the longing that connects two souls

    Luka and Dora are made for one another. But they can’t seem to get together. A beautifully tragic love

    Who is it for? For anyone who wants a poetic love story which heralds the summer
    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    You can sense every second that they are soul mates… It is extremely rare that you find such a beautiful and romantic love story which is wonderfully narrated and not at all corny. A real discovery
    Berliner Morgenpost

    Nataša Dragnic has woven a seemingly simple but also serious and deeply moving love story. Readers will find it hard to put this gripping story down, the flowing style, the surprise twists, the protagonists themselves and their entanglement will keep you enthralled until the last lines… It is not kitsch, over-the-top or shallow but lively and colourful. A perfect book for your holiday suitcase or for a weekend at home alone
    Gießener Allgemeine

    This is the book that is wowing everyone – I too immediately fell for the love story between Dora and Luka, who are meant for each other but manage to mess it up so completely.
    Angela Wittmann, BRIGITTE

    Natasa Dragnic’s tumbling prose has a delightful immediacy and freshness… Deft and confident
    Stephanie Cross, Daily Mail

    Dragnic’s prose is energetic and sparkling and carries you swiftly through a roller-coaster of emotions
    Victoria Cooper, Red Online

    Imprint: Chatto & Windus
Published: 07/06/2012
Length: 272 pages
ISBN: 9780701186944

Link to the publisher’s page

    Imprint: Chatto & Windus
    Published: 07/06/2012
    Length: 272 pages
    ISBN: 9780701186944

    Link to the publisher’s page