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    Venice V, Safe Room

    If you get lost
    meet me by the bridge.
    Sit down on the third step, lean your back on the wooden railing, stretch your legs.
    Listen to the water pattering around palina.
    Look at your watch, play with your ring, run your fingers through your hair.
    Eat your apple if you haven’t already; drink your sparkling water if you have any.
    Take your book out of your backpack, hold it tight, or read if you like.
    Lay your hands on the stone beside your hips, feel its warmth.
    Close your eyes.
    See me.
    Cajole me.
    Hear me laugh.
    Imagine me stride.
    Pull me back into your thought.
    Breathe me out.

    Find me
    if I get lost.
    Ignore the church bells, disregard them,
    doubt them.

    If you get lost
    pretermit and scorn the seagulls cries.
    As though your life depends on it
    – because mine does.